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THREAD STARTERS READ FIRST! Guidelines to Getting Help / Rules

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PostSubject: THREAD STARTERS READ FIRST! Guidelines to Getting Help / Rules   Fri Jul 04, 2008 4:34 am

We're all in this section reading this topic because you might want help or are helping others in need.
I would like add a few rules for people requesting for help.


- Before asking for help, search Google or Yahoo Search first to see if there's a answer there. Most of the time people who tell you the answers just research the question from Google.

- If you can't find the answer on search engines then ask your question here, keep in mind not to have a title that does not describe your question.

A bad example of a topic title would be "Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp!!" or "I don't know how to do this", etc.

A good example of a topic title would be "My router has port forwarding problems," or "How do you use FTP," etc.

- Don't bump your topic if it hasn't been replied to. Normally if your question hasn't been answered it'll most likely be a question out of our intelligence.

- Be patient while requesting, sometimes it might take a while for someone to reply or help you out.

- Listen and keep things cool. If your answer isn't what you expected, listen first before telling someone to be quiet and that they know nothing about your answer. Wink

-Thread hijackers will receive a warning

Additional Suggestion:

If you refuse to participate in helping to solve your own problem, don't expect others to provide the solution.
If someone gives you a valid search argument for Google to look up some possible solutions, a response like 'I'm too lazy' is NOT likely to get you more help. Remember, if people are trying to help you to the best of their abilities and you say you can't participate, many people will take that as an insult.

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THREAD STARTERS READ FIRST! Guidelines to Getting Help / Rules

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